"Breed" by Nirvana

"Even if you have, even if you need, I don’t mean to stare…"

woke up with this in the morning. 

Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes

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Anonymous said: Feeling really shitty today. Going through some weird shit. Any words of encouragement?


There’s someone in a public library bathroom fumbling to clean himself after making a mess emptying his colostomy bag. He’s not allowed in his sister’s place anymore and he’s burnt all his friends out. He’s been sleeping in a park. 

If that’s not you, use that as perspective. 



Death From Above 1979 - Right On, Frankenstein!


Inverted Love Song, Pg. 59


Inverted Love Song, Pg. 59

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Hamartia: week one


Still fall asleep with open eyes with bad dreams to occupy my time.

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Anonymous said: how do i become a better musician?


substance abuse and a lack of self worth

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In Utero